Mutual Creamery and Cheese Factory Fire Insurance Company of Minnesota is formed in St. Paul, Minn. to insure against loss or damage by fire to creamery and cheese cooperative association members' commercial buildings, products, machinery, and supplies. Premium writings are $263,079 and Assets are $812.22. The company's first claim payment is made on September 18, 1901 for $5.21 to West Concord Cooperative.


Mutual Creamery and Cheese Factory Liability Insurance Company of Minnesota is formed in St. Paul, Minn. to serve the same cooperative members as the Fire Company, but to insure against liability losses.


Mutual Creamery and Cheese Factory Tornado Insurance Company of Minnesota is formed in Redwood Falls, Minn. to protect the same cooperative members from loss to property by tornado and cyclone.


The Property and Liability companies merge to become Mutual Creamery Insurance Company.


The principal place of business moves to Richfield, Minn. The company determines that, after insuring over 90% of the target market of creameries and cheese cooperatives, it must sell other lines of insurance (such as Personal Auto and Homeowner insurance) and to additional customers. The company also decides to sell through Independent Insurance Agents instead of the prior method of selling directly through company personnel.


The name of the company is changed to Western National Mutual Insurance Company, and the company is headquartered in a new building located in Edina, Minn.


Western National Mutual Insurance Company purchases the Cascade Insurance Company in Seattle, Wash., changing the name to Western National Assurance Company, and starts writing personal and commercial lines through Independent Insurance Agents in Oregon and Washington.


A series of mergers, acquisitions, and affiliation expands the Group's presence to six active insurance companies and more than 25 states of operation. New members of the Group include American Freedom Insurance Company (Arlington Heights, Ill.), Arizona Automobile Insurance Company (Phoenix, Ariz.), Nevada General Insurance Company (Las Vegas, Nev.), Pioneer Specialty Insurance Company (Edina, Minn.), Umialik Insurance Company (Anchorage, Alaska), and Western Home Insurance Company (Edina, Minn.). In early 2015, Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance Company (Lansing, Mich.) became an affiliate member of the Western National Insurance Group.


Western National has continued its stable growth and today is one of the finest groups of property-and-casualty insurance companies in the Midwestern, Northwestern, and Southwestern U.S. Our simple commitment to honesty, fair underwriting, quality products and service, and strong relationships with our agent partners and policyholders continues today. With total assets of over $1 billion, the future of Western National Insurance Group has never been brighter!