Does My Small Business Need Cyber Liability Coverage?

A picture containing person, typing indoors on a laptop computer.

It may seem like only large corporations are targeted for cyber attacks, but all businesses are at risk. In fact, 36% of all targeted attacks are directed at businesses with 250 or fewer employees, and 44% of small businesses have reported that their business has been affected by a cyber attack. A cyber attack can happen at any time, and it can be as simple as an employee opening a malicious email attachment or a computer that is unintentionally unlocked and unattended. The resulting cyber security breach can cause a lot of damage to a company and their reputation.

Cyber Liability coverage provides support that can help a company recover after a cyber attack. This can include coverage for legal services, public relations support, credit monitoring and identity theft restoration services for customers, privacy breach response costs, and certain fines or penalties.

No one wants to imagine their business experiencing a cyber security breach. However, if it does happen, Cyber Liability coverage can help make the recovery process go smoothly.

To learn more about Cyber Liability coverage, contact your Independent Insurance Agent.

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