Updated Dog Bite Laws Illustrate Importance of Controlling Your Pets

Panting black dog laying on grass.

If you’re a dog owner, dog bite liability can be a serious concern. Recently, in states like Wisconsin, laws have been passed making penalties more severe for damages caused by dogs. For instance, dog owners are liable for the full amount of damages their dog causes to a person, domestic animal, or property. If the owner knows that there has been a previous incident with their dog and it causes injury or damage again, the owner could be responsible for two times the full amount of damages. Additionally, fines charged to dog owners (in addition to any other liability) have increased with the new laws. There are also new procedures for the court to order an aggressive dog to be put down.

At Western National, we understand that pets can be part of the family, and so as a pet owner you might be looking for additional ways to prevent the consequences set forth by these laws. Here is a list of useful tips to help keep your dog and others safe from biting situations:

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