How to Check if There's Hail Damage to Your Roof

After a storm, it can be tempting to get out a ladder and climb on to the roof to check if there’s hail damage, but there are several ways you can check for the possibility of damage that are much safer.  Once the storm has passed and it’s safe to go outside, a good way to begin determining if there’s roof damage is to measure the hail that’s still on the ground. Typically, hail that’s 1 and one fourth inches or larger can cause damage to a roof.

Then look around to see if anything has been damaged by the hail, such as siding or patio furniture.  Other items will more than likely be damaged before the roof of your home.  Also keep your eyes open for any roof pieces that may be on the ground.  This could range from shingle granules to large pieces of shingles.  Doing this is an especially great way to check for roof damage if you were not at home when the storm hit.

If you see either of these signs, then you can pull out the ladder to check the roof.  You can stay on the ladder and just take a peek to check the roof in most situations.  Hail will leave an obvious pattern of differently sized craters, but the pattern will look random.  Hopefully there won’t be damage, but if there is it’s time to call your independent insurance agent!