What Should I Do If I Need To Make A Change To My Insurance Policy?

Young man at a table on the phone with a cup of coffee and his laptop.

Discussing and planning for changes that may occur in the next year is a very important step of renewing an insurance policy. Even with this planning, there are still situations that can come up after renewal and require a change to your policy. Once you know you need to make a change, what should you do next to update your policy?

Regardless of whether you are updating a business or personal insurance policy, the first step is to contact your Independent Insurance Agent to discuss the change. Your agent will then work directly with your insurance company to update your policy. Depending upon the change you request, your insurance company may ask for additional details or documents before making the change to your policy. You will receive documentation once the change to your policy is completed.

If you have any questions about updating your policy, you can contact your Independent Insurance Agent.